HNS follows the Lexington Public Schools expectations for preparing children for kindergarten entry. “Kindergarten Readiness” focuses on five specific sets of skills:

  • Classroom Adaptation Skills: following directions, schedules and expectations
  • Social/Emotional Skills: expressing emotions appropriately, taking turns
  • Communication Skills: speaking and listening
  • Cognitive/ Pre-Academic Skills: letter/number recognition, counting, beginning writing
  • Motor Skills: Bike riding, climbing, cutting with scissors and writing

The pre-kindergarten curriculum includes a wide array of opportunities to help children practice these skills in the context of meaningful, real life activities and routine play.

How do we practice our skills through everyday play?

  • Writing our names on our artwork and writing our names to sign into the classroom
  • Practicing writing the “Word-of-the-Day” on the white board
  • Participating in morning group time, listening to each other, talking about the daily events and curriculum.
  • Charting the weather, graphing the sunny/ rainy/ cloudy days. Which has more? Which has less?
  • Observing the growth of an amaryllis, drawing observations, measuring with unit cubes, keeping track of what we see happening from day to day.
  • Observing the pumpkin, smell, sight, touch, watching the pumpkin rot, keeping track of it through pumpkin journals, watching a seed begin to grow.
  • Dissecting a computer hard drive, or an old appliance to see what’s inside!
  • Learning self help skills, dressing themselves, putting on their outside clothes, zippering jackets.
  • Helping each other!

HNS teachers follow the lead of the children’s expressed interests and abilities to identify challenges and activities that will further promote learning and growth. It is important to us that the children are able to shape their own experiences at individual rates of development in an atmosphere of support and encouragement.